Butterfly Sanctuary

Are you at Panajachel or planning to come, wondering what else is there to do here other than shopping and eating out?…..If so, you can’t miss this article!!!

BH welcome signNature Reserve Atitlan | Butterfly House

Panajachel, Sololá

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The Nature Reserve Atitlan is definitely an amazing option for children, teenagers and adults.  It’s located in Antigua Finca San Buenaventura, Panajachel (really close to the main entrance of downtown Panajachel).  

When I first moved to Panajachel, I started searching for fun things to do with my three children, this is how I knew about the Nature Reserve.  It is definitely an amazing park to spend the day!!

This is a great place to walk into nature, but not in the wild.  You can visit the butterfly house, eat at the restaurant, walk through hanging bridges, see spider monkeys, try the extreme and ultra extreme zip lines, and stay at the eco hotel situated inside the reserve and visit the private beach where you can take a swim.

Let’s take a tour into this amazing place!!

I first visited  with my children, my cousin and some friends. Right at the entrance, we saw signs announcing everything we were able to enjoy in the Reserve. 

BH entrance

We didn’t know where to start, there were so many options!!!  After a chat, we all decided to walk along the trails into the mountain. We found lots of picturesque spots where we filled our senses with textures, smells and sights that you don’t often see in an urban area.

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There were lots of signs letting us know where we were and others with general information about the place. 

BH signs

After a long walk into the mountain, and a couple of stops to rest…we finally reached the geodome. The butterflies were flying all around the visitors….seems they were greeting us…

There were so many butterflies !!  

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I got to wonder how they got so many butterflies…but my questions were answered soon enough.  First, of course, love in nature…

BH nature love

Then, we saw the laboratory that’s next to the geodome.  This is where they foster caterpillars to grow and reproduce.  The oversee the whole metamorphosis process. Visitors can adopt a chrysalid for Q75, it will be given to you in a container so you can take it to your garden and watch all the process of its metamorphosys. 

BH caterpillars

After hiking,  visiting the geodome and the laboratory, we were all pretty tired….but we weren’t ready to leave yet.  We went to a green area next to the parking lot where there are some swings made with recycled materials

BH swings

…And there were also ziplines with seats made of recycled tires, designed for any visitor to use free of charge.

BH line swings

What I loved about the visit was the opportunity to walk into nature, knowing that it’s safe for my children and visiting the butterfly house.  Walking among so many butterflies was an awesome experience!!

Next time we visit, we’re trying the zip lines for sure!!  

Have you visited this place before? How was your experience?  Please send us a picture!!

P.D:  This is too amazing not to post….these are photographs of butterfly wings!!!

BH nature ABC

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