María’s Cooking

IMG_20170727_112312When I think of traditional Guatemalan cooking, many flavors, colors, smells and textures come to my mind.  The mouth watering “recados” and the delicious “tortillas”.…mmm….I’m getting hungry already!!

María loves to cook, she lives in Santa Cruz la Laguna with her two daughters. She has been working in the Vacation Rental field for years now, she cooks for visitors from all over the world in the different vacation houses around Lake Atitlan.

I had heard nothing but good comments about her food, so I was ecstatic when she invited me to help her cook one day for guests staying at Villa Pamakanya in Jaibalito.

We met at Panajachel’s produce market, which is the market you want to go to if you want to get fresh and varied vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.

giphy (7).gif

After the market, we went to Pamakanyá. Pascual, the caretaker of the house, was there waiting for us to arrive and help us with the shopping bags. In the picture, you can see the Willards, a wonderful family of three children…two sweet and friendly girls and one very curious boy.  They were staying at the house at that time, they were the lucky ones having dinner made by María that night.


It was time to start cooking!! María is so skillful that first she cooked a delicious chicken broth (for us to have for lunch) and then she made dinner for the family that was staying at the house.

Pascual, the house caretaker, and I were María’s helpers, we were slicing and chopping away helping María do her magic in the kitchen; all this while our guests were enjoying the beach, the views and the sun in the private pier.


After about two hours of cooking, cleaning, joking….dinner was ready and guests were eager to taste what smelled so good in the kitchen.  María left everything prepared for them to eat when they were hungry.


It was a wonderful morning spent with María and Pascual, cooking and chatting with them helped me get to know them better, also get a first taste of the services we offer to the visitors that trust us to help them organize their vacations, and… I even picked up a few cooking tips!!

So when you are around Lake Atitlan, and want some delicious traditional Guatemalan food made right at the house you are staying, you know who to call!!

To contact María, leave your information here.



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María’s Cooking

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